This is my coversation with my new friend.his name is Ihsan.
Ihsan:''May i know your name pliss?
Argya:''Yeah,my name is Argya''.
Ihsan:''Where are you from?''
Argya:''I from Bandung,and you?''
Ihsan:''I am Bandung too''.
Argya:''And how old are you?''
Ihsan:''I am 14 years old''.
Argya:''Owhh...same with me,i am fourteen years old too".
Ihsan:''What 's your hobby Argya?''
Argya;''I like to play Baseball''.
Ihsan:''Wow! same with me..I like to play Baseball too''.
Argya:''Oh wow..when you start paling Baseball?''
Ihsan:'' When i go to 9 grade''.
Argya:Ohh same with me...''
Ihsan:What club did you in..?I am at Rusa Hitam club.
Argya:"I am at Garuda baseball club.
Ihsan:"Owh i know that club,That …

Hello,my name is Argya Hadyan Pratama Putra Dewa Surya andThis is the first time  making blog and now i wont to tell you about myself.Im fourteen years old,i was born in Bandung at 17 of August 2002.i live in Bandung at Cisaranten street with my parent.I dont have siblings.i studied at  3 junior high school.Now i wanna tell you about my hobbies.i like some type of sport and playing sport hobbies is playing baseball,playing soccer swimming and badminton.Baseball is the one of my favorite hobbies because i can get achivement and baseball is the most fun sport i've had...

Now i wanna tell you why i like'd baseball.the first time that i know abaout baseball when i was junior high friend tell me that baseball so fun.And then i tried to play baseball.the first time i play baseball i feel just ordinary.after two week i play i thinkn i wanna changes my mind and i interesting to play baseball.After one month i played baseball i follow some TOURNAMEN PE…